What Triggers Your Stomach Disorders?

We all invariably suffer the discomforts of stomach disorders every now and then.

From toddlers to adults, stomach upsets periodically afflict us even when we seem to be doing all that we know right.

Stomach disorders typically include a persistent ache, sharp pain, burning feeling, cramps, and a sense of fullness in the belly. Sometimes, stomach disorders are accompanied by nausea and loss of appetite.

What usually triggers stomach disorders?

  • Food poisoning ― food that has gone bad or is not well prepared, perhaps overcooked or undercooked, or containing some undesirable ingredient, may trigger indigestion resulting in stomach disorders.
  • Allergies ― you may be sensitive to certain food types, perhaps dairy products or some sea foods, and when consumed, these would cause stomach disorders for you. Avoid those foods you have observed have an adverse effect on you. Once you’re certain that a particular food gives you some allergic reaction, eliminate this food item from your diet.
  • Medications ― you may be ill and are on medication. Some medications may prove too harsh for the stomach lining or upset the ph balance in the stomach. Some medications have a tendency to disrupt the digestive process. All these can trigger stomach disorders.
  • Indigestion ― this sometimes results when too much food is consumed, thus overburdening the stomach. Excessive amounts of oily foods also put pressure on the digestive system.
  • Ph balance upset ― the acidity of the stomach sometimes increases when certain items are consumed. Large quantities of alcohol, strong coffee or other beverages and cigarettes tend to boost the stomach acidity.
  • Health conditions ― some health complications such as ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome do cause stomach disorders.
  • Bad or poor eating habits can cause stomach disorders. Skipping meals, irregular mealtimes, under-eating and overeating, all subject your digestive system to distress. Eating too hurriedly and not chewing your food well create pressure on your digestive system, thus triggering stomach disorders.
  • Stress can also upset your internal workings and the digestive system sometimes is a casualty, leading to stomach disorders.

Seek medical attention for stomach upsets that are prolonged. For instance, severe and persistent aches in the lower right abdomen could be an indication of appendicitis, a serious health condition requiring immediate medical attention.

Again, any stomach disorder accompanied by other problems such as vomiting and diarrhea are likely to be indicators of a more serious problem.

Generally, any stomach disorder that would trouble you beyond 24 hours is sufficient cause for you to seek medical attention. Better to be safe than sorry!