Causes and Symptoms of Diabetic Gastroparesis

Gastroparesis is a digestive problem which is related to diabetes and is hence also referred to as diabetic Gastroparesis.  In most of the cases, Gastroparesis mostly occurs in the case of those people who are suffering from Type 1 diabetes.  But this problem can also occur in those too who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. There are many reasons or causes for diabetic Gastroparesis and the following is a list of some of the major ones:

Causes And Symptoms Of Diabetic Gastroparesis

Causes of Diabetic Gastroparesis

  • One of the major reasons or causes for Gastroparesis is damage to the nerve that regulates the digestive system-vagus nerve.  This nerve makes the muscles function.
  • Diabetes is the leading cause of Gastroparesis and is the reason for 1/3rd cases of this problem.
  • Another major reason for diabetic Gastroparesis is a viral infection.
  • In many cases of Gastroparesis, the cause is an abdominal surgery in which vagus nerve tends to get injured.
  • Many times, Gastroparesis is caused as a result of medications like narcotics or even due to consumption of antidepressants for a long extended period of time.

Symptoms and Signs of Gastroparesis in Diabetes

The following are some of the signs or ways to identify Gastroparesis:

  • One of the common signs which can be used to identity diabetic Gastroparesis is reflux or heartburn.  In simpler terms, heartburn or reflux is referred to a condition in which the stomach contents are backed up into the esophagus.
  • Nausea and vomiting are some of the other signs of this condition in diabetes.  People with Gastroparesis may vomit undigested food items.
  • Another common way to identity diabetic Gastroparesis is poor blood sugar control.
  • Abdominal bloating is another common symptom of Gastroparesis in the case of diabetes.
  • Unexplained weight loss or a poor appetite is some of the other signs of diabetic Gastroparesis.
  • Feeling very full quickly on little eating can also easily be a sign of diabetic Gastroparesis.

Complications Related to Diabetic Gastroparesis

If you are someone who is suffering from diabetic Gastroparesis then you must be aware of certain complications associated with it. The following are a few of the common ones:

  • Since in Gastroparesis, foods remain in the stomach for a long time, this can lead to growth of bacteria in the stomach and is one of the possible complications associated with this disease.
  • The food in the stomach which tends to be undigested for a long time can get converted into a lump which is referred to as bezoar.  These lumps can cause blockage in the stomach and prevent the food from entering into the small intestine.
  • Another complication which is associated with diabetic Gastroparesis is daily vomiting and a feeling of nausea.
  • Other types of health problems too are caused due to Gastroparesis which is caused due to diabetes.  For example, when the stored food finally reaches the small intestine, the blood sugar level tends to rise. Infact those with diabetic Gastroparesis often find it hard to control their sugar level and keep it stable.