Elderly Should Lift Weights To Improve Concentration

A new study as cited at UK Telegraph talks about how elderly people should train with weights to help them carry out everyday tasks and improve their concentration.

So there are more reasons to pump iron than just get those great biceps; a recent study shows that working out with weights is able to arrest the mental decline such as memory loss, lack of concentration etc that advanced age inevitably brings with it.

The study involved two groups of women aged about 70 years of age. One group worked out with weights a couple of times a week for a year, while the other group did toning and stretching exercises.

The researchers found that “simple training with weights that seniors can easily handle, improved ability to make accurate decisions quickly.” The group who used weights was also able to walk faster at the end of the year, a factor which can be linked to the risk of an early death according to the report.

So it’s time to pickup those dumbbells ASAP; this time in the interest of good mental health in old age!