Panic Attacks Can Be Treated By Curing The Cause

Every individual is unique. Individuals vary from one another by attitude, personality and behavior while other people are mainly influenced by the type of society a person has.

Another factor that affects an individual’s personality is their life experiences.

Some people suffer from their own experiences, especially those traumatic ones. One of the most common results of these traumatic experiences is the panic attack or the panic disorder.

Some people mistake panic attacks for heart attacks brought about by severe physical symptoms. So, how would one differentiate panic attacks from other disorders?

A person may be diagnosed of panic attack with a combination of these signs and symptoms. Hyperventilation or shortness of breath, heart palpitation, severe chest pain and discomfort, nausea, sweating, trembling, dizziness, tingling sensations and numbness, hot or cold flashes, or stress that may indicate a full-blown panic attack.

Although the root cause of panic attack is yet elusive, heredity is one of the possible ways people can acquire this certain disorder. Other medical conditions can also be associated with panic attack.

Therapy and medication or the combination of two has been recommended by specialists to effectively address this problem. One of the most effective therapies that address panic attack is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

It focuses on the thinking patterns and behaviors that can lead to panic attack. Certain exercises and coping strategies are also necessary to cure the cause.

It can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time so it is recommended that everyone should take immediate action to address this life-threatening problem.