Living by the Sea May Be Good for Health

New research tells us that the old fashioned prescription of going away to the seaside to convalesce may have been the right one because sea air is indeed good for health. This study underlines the evidence from previous studies that indicate how important one’s health and environment is for health.

Living by the Sea May Be Good for Health

How sea air is good for health

People who live close to the coast are seen to have betterhealth than those who live further inland. In particular, this positive impact was seen to be stronger among communities that are economically deprived. So in effect healthy living environments were seen to narrow the health gap between poorer and richer communities.

Researchers pondered the reasons for these findings and had certain observations to make about the possible causes. One of the reasons could be the fact that those who live near the coast have more opportunities for taking exercise.

There is also the fact that living in coastal areas is calming and that it could offer stress relief. Lower stress levels overall could also mean that a person enjoys better health.

What makes an environment healthy to live in

Surveys and studies often throw up statistics that indicate that some people live longer in certain regions than they do in other regions.

Earlier studies have also illustrated that living close to natural and salubrious locations is good for health. It isn’t just the seaside, it is also proximity to parks, and the open countryside or even frequent visits that can help people feel better and hence remain healthier.

Similarly, staying in more natural and less artificial environments means that one is living with less pollution on a daily basis. Exposure to less pollution will naturally have a positive impact on life and health.

Communities that have a lot of personal interaction and involvement also tend to be healthier. A slower pace of life and lower living costs (and hence less financial pressure and stress), are along associated with longer, healthier lives.

Places such as New Zealand are healthy to live in because of a pollution free environment, an active lifestyle of the general populace, access to affordable and even free health care and low overall stress.

Areas of Costa Rica have some of the longest living communities because of the high fiber diet, calcium rich water of the area and a family oriented life. A dry climate, a sense of social belonging and rootedness and jobs involving physical effort are other reasons for living longer.