The Real Health Killer – An Accident in Your Workplace

You’ve got it all sorted – you fill your diet with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, exercise for 45 minutes a day, and get your optimal nine hours of sleep a night.

But then something awful happens.

You’re walking through your office, humming a song and smiling blithely, when a box falls, seemingly from nowhere, right on your head. As you crumple to the floor, you feel the dull, stinging sensation of your leg bone snapping in the shock of the fall.

There you are, the healthiest person alive, reduced to an unconscious heap on the floor. And you’re not alone – every year, tens of thousands of people are injured in their workplace. Few, however, seek compensation.

Despite this, local councils have paid out over £100 million in compensation for injury claims over the past five years – and they’re just one of many businesses having to do so.

personal injury claim solicitor


With this in mind, how do you go about claiming for an accident in your workplace?

Make your claim

For a start, get in touch with a personal injury claim solicitor who’ll listen to the circumstances of your accident and decide if your claim has a leg to stand on.

If it does, then it’s time for you to go all Columbo on your employer and gather as much evidence as possible. Doctor’s reports, witness testimonies, building plans –anything could make or break your case.

After this, your solicitor should have a strong enough case to contact your boss. Your employer can then either head to the courts or settle the claim amicably.

By this point, as you head into that world of wigs and gavels, you should put your trust in your solicitor completely. This is their territory and, with a strong case, they could have the judge eating out the palm of their hand.

Do your duty

Whether your case is successful or not, you’ll have served your civic duty. After all, without injury claims, what other way would there be to hold bosses shirking health and safety legislationaccountable?

Thanks to the no win, no fee policy of most solicitors, you can be in the full knowledge that they have a high degree of confidence in your chances of success.

So, the next time you have a slip, trip, fall or crack, you’ll know exactly how to make the culprits pay.