What Are The Main Culprits That Cause Viral Gastroenteritis?

Eating contaminated food can be very dangerous for you and it usually results in several gastro intestinal infections such as viral gastroenteritis.

Several types of viruses are responsible for causing gastroenteritis, which mainly include astro viruses, rota virus, and noro virus. These viruses usually result in vomiting and diarrhea, when they enter into your stomach.

Viral gastroenteritis is often known as stomach flu, though it is not caused by any influenza viruses.

You can easily identify this viral gastroenteritis with watery diarrhea and also vomiting. If you are affected with this viral infection, you can also experience severe headache, fever and also severe abdominal cramps.

Contaminated food and drinks are suspected as main culprits!

Food that gets contaminated through the hands of food preparers or handlers can be the main source for the virus to transmit. Especially, if they do not wash their hands properly after using bathroom can increase the chance for the spread of disease.

Uncovered food or certain other beverages, which are handled in an improper way, are also responsible for making a clear path for the virus to enter into your body.

Viral gastroenteritis is highly contagious!

Viruses those are usually responsible for gastroenteritis can be usually transmitted, whenever you are in close contact with the affected person like by sharing foods, using their personal things and utensils. Most of the people can get viral gastroenteritis through contaminated food and water. Whenever you consume any foods, which are highly contaminated with virus responsible for infection, you will be affected with this viral infection.

People who no longer have any signs of infection can be still contagious, since this virus can be found in their body wastes for up to 2 weeks after they recover from viral gastroenteritis. Even if you are not infected with the virus, you can still have chances to spread the disease.

The outbreak of viral gastroenteritis usually takes place in child care centers, nursing homes, camps, restaurants and also in places where people usually gather in large numbers. If you suspect any kind of infection in any of these places, then try to avoid those premises of infection.

Be careful while having any kind of outside foods. Try to choose the places that usually are with highly hygienic environments. Whenever you suspect any type of contamination in food, water or other beverages, just try to avoid them in order to avoid further complications.