It’s Official – It’s The iPad And Healthcare To Be Key Market

The much awaited Apple Tablet that we spoke of was finally released yesterday, and by all accounts it is like a giant iPhone. The product that has been creating such a buzz in social media for a while now is now out and many in the medical services are delighted with its potential, according to the

Reportedly the iPad holds promise as a new point-of-care tool for healthcare workers and as a personal health device for patients and many in the healthcare industry have reacted favorably.

  • “Workflow is the key to adoption and utilization in healthcare. I think the iPad will be a catalyst,” said Tom Herzog, VP IT and Medical Device Technologies.
  • “iPad will push healthcare away from the medical office and away from the desktop,” said Ted Eytan, Kaiser Permanente.
  • “The iPad has a better larger interface for viewing one’s personal health records and it’s just portable enough to take to the doctor’s office,” thought John Moore, Managing Director, Chilmark Research.