Foods that Eases Stomach Upset

Stomach upset is accompanied by bloating, gas, stomach cramps and of course a lot of discomfort. It might be due to something you ate that did not sit well or it can be due to overeating, anxiety or some infection. No matter what the cause is, you need immediate relief and there are many foods that actually help your stomach to settle down. It is always not required to go without food if your stomach is upset as these foods can help all the symptoms of stomach upset go away.

foods that eases stomach upset


Mint helps in reducing stomach cramping and helps relieve gas. You can sip mint tea to get some relief from the symptoms associated with stomach upset. Mint however should be avoided by people prone to heartburn. Such people can try other herbal teas like chamomile tea. Do not try out commercially available mint gums as these contain artificial sugars that further causes bloating and gas.

Plain Yoghurt

Plain unsweetened yoghurt contains probiotics and these can be good for the stomach. This helps in curing diarrhea that has been caused by prolonged use of antibiotics. Yoghurt contains healthy bacteria and once these reach your gut, you get relief from your stomach issues.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the fermented juice of apple and contains lot of nutrients like vitamin B and C. Make a mixture of 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water and add a little honey. Drink this mixture to get relief.


Rice is easy to digest and makes your bowel movements normal. Rice also contains starch that coats your stomach and makes you feel better.


This is one herb that has immense anti-nausea properties and hence can help soothe the symptoms of stomach upset. Boil some water and add few slices of ginger to it. Let it steep and then drink this liquid. You can also consider ginger tea for this purpose.

Aloe Vera Juice

This might be surprising as aloe Vera is generally considered to be good for skin problems. However, the juice extracted from this plant is taken as a medicinal drink after stomach upset which can be really beneficial. The juice creates a coating or layer on your stomach and gives relief from stomach ache and heartburns. Aloe Vera juice is also available at health store and can help to get rid of the toxins present in your stomach. Keep in mind that this juice is a strong laxative and so you should know how much to consume.


Crispy and crunchy toasts are great snacks option after you have just recovered from stomach upset and feel a little hungry. You can spread some jam over it if you want as this will add to the taste of the toast.

Besides the above given, banana and fennel can also make you feel better just after you have recovered from stomach upset.