How To Meditate And Get The Most From It?

There are several different kinds of meditation techniques that are so beneficial to the human spirit, body and mind.

Many people think that meditation is affiliated with a particular religious group.

Even if you aren’t of this religious group you will still benefit from meditating.

One of these forms of meditation is breathing meditation. The main benefit to breathing meditation is to calm the mind and become one with your inner self. Meditation allows you to create an inner peace. [benefits of meditation]

Breathing meditations if practiced correctly and over a period of time, will allow you to block out distractions and loud noises. After practicing meditation you will be able to meditate when you are at a seminar or at church because you have become one with your inner self and learned how to keep distractions out of your mind.

Choose a quiet and peaceful spot to meditate. Sit in a comfortable position. Don’t worry about sitting with your legs crossed and your hands on your knees like you see in yoga classes; your time will come when this is a more simple position to achieve. Keep your back straight; if you need to sit in a chair that is fine.

You don’t have to close your eyes all the way. Just concentrate on your breathing. Breathe naturally; through your nose. Concentrate on your breathing.

Do not concentrate on your breathing to the point you are trying to control it yet  just enough so that you gradually become unaware of your surroundings and are able to block out everything else; the Visa bill you have to pay, the groceries you need to get, whatever you think about.

At first it may seem that meditating is making your mind busier instead of clearing it. I attended a meditation seminar a year ago and my teacher told me if I needed to count my breaths I could.

That would make it difficult to concentrate on anything but my breathing. Try to double the exhale from the inhale counts. For example, if you inhale for eight seconds, try to make your exhale last for 16 seconds.

This is meditation. Relax your mind and clear it of all the outside chaos that has been affecting you and causing you stress. Think of this as a nap for your mind; no dreaming and no worrying, just being.