Top 8 Ways to Avoid Suffering from Infectious Diseases

It is important for each and every one of us to stay away from infections. There are many different kinds of infections that we can get even while going through our day to day lives and these small infections can mean big time trouble.

From a runny nose to a skin infection and from cough to diseases, many allergens keep wandering around us, waiting to attack. But there are many steps that we can take to remain free of infections. The following are the top 8 tips which can help you avoid suffering from infectious diseases:

ways to avoid suffering from infectious diseases1. Wash your Hands Frequently

One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep free from infectious diseases is to wash your hands frequently. The keyboard of your computer, the doorknobs and even your mobile phone contains many little microbes which you touch daily. Thus it is recommended that you wash hands every few hours with a good hand wash.

2. Cover your Mouth When you Cough or Sneeze

Good personal hygiene is an age-old practice from staying free from infectious diseases. It is important to cover your mouth each time you cough or sneeze in order to avoid spreading of the germs into the air.

3. Don’t Share Personal Items

There are many personal items like towels, soaps, razors, handkerchiefs and nail clippers which must not be shared with others to avoid suffering from infectious diseases. These can be sources of many infectious agents like viruses, bacteria and fungi.

4. Use Safe Cooking Practices

Food-borne infections arise due to poor cooking habits and dining practices. Thus it is important to use safe cooking practices such as washing fruits and vegetables before consumption, using clean utensils and knives, keeping the kitchen or cooking space absolutely clean etc.

5. Practice Safe Sex

There are many sexually transmitted diseases too which fall within the category of infectious diseases. In order to avoid suffering from these, it is important to practice safe sex. For this, you must use the proper method of contraception and wash your private body parts regularly.

6. Get Vaccinated

It is important to get all the necessary vaccinations at the right times in order to prevent suffering from diseases and infections. The vaccinations prepare our bodies to fight the microbes by producing antibodies.

7. Don’t Pick your Nose

Picking your nose can lead to the spreading of infections and is also a big social taboo. When you pick your nose and then put the fingers on other parts of the face or body, you spread the germs from one part to another.

8. Keep your Surroundings Clean

They do teach you to do this in school but how many of us really live in absolutely clean surroundings? It is important to clean the house and workplace that we live and work in and also make sure that areas around our home or office are well swept. Make sure each part of your surroundings is free from dirt, dust and clutter.