Diagnose Silent Heart Disease with the Right Symptoms

You are as good as your last heartbeat. If it pumps at a regular rate, you live a regular healthy life. If its beats are sporadic, pay heed to what it means. You may think you lead a healthy life – eat healthy, sleep enough, exercise regularly – but your heart may not always agree with what you think. It is what your heart thinks of itself that matters. You may be unaware of the fact that your daily regime may not be good enough for a healthy heart.


A common misconception is that all forms of heart diseases begin with acute chest pain. Nothing can be further from the truth. Tissue damages in the heart occur silently and slowly over a period of time without you even realizing the impending danger. Since the scarring is silent, you won’t even realize when you experience a heart attack. It may not be fatal initially, but such silent heart attacks build up momentum over time and then attacks you with a deathly blow. Signs of an impending cardiac crisis may be subtle, but if you are aware of them beforehand, you may avert any complication before it is too late.

Signs of a Silent Heart Disease:

  • If you respond to normal physical exertions differently now, it is a subtle sign. If your body starts aching or you become breathless after normal chores, it is a sign of deterioration of your healthy heart.
  • Lack of oxygen makes your body sore. If a new pain rises in your back, arms or chest, it may be warning signs of an ailing heart.
  • Women may ignore feelings of nausea and other stomach problems as ordinary sickness, but it has been found that sometimes they are subtle signs of an impending heart attack.
  • If you are suddenly overcome with a constricting pain in the middle of your chest, and pressure gradually builds up, it may well be a sure sign of a heart attack.
  • If a little exertion makes you sweat a lot, it is a sign of an unhealthy heart.
  • Even an irregular heartburn may be a sign of a silent heart disease.

A heart attack usually occurs when the coronary arteries are blocked by clots and blood flow is hampered. Lack of blood stops oxygen from circulating throughout the body, thus causing a silent heart attack. Silent heart attacks are commonly found in people addicted to tobacco, alcohol or suffering from obesity. If you do not feel healthy, it may well be a foreboding for your heart. Never ignore the slightest hint of something out of your ordinary health issues.

Always consult a doctor on a regular basis, and get a detailed examination done by a cardiologist to know how healthy your heart actually is. You may be subjected to a battery of tests which may include testing your cholesterol level through Lipoprotein Testing, or scanning for arterial clots by CT Heart Scan or checking for any exterior arterial infection with Ankle-Brachial Index. Ultimately you live healthy if your heart beats are healthy.