How To Gently Ease Yourself Into Becoming A Runner?

You know when you’re driving down the road and you see those joggers?

Those people who do what you can’t imagine doing? I especially love it when I’m driving home after meeting my friends for pizza and ice cream and I see the skinny girl jogging.

The skinny girl who doesn’t need to be jogging and she isn’t even sweating. Well I have news for you. Becoming a runner is not as painful as it looks.

Start with what is called interval training. Regardless of if you are using a treadmill or running outside you’re going to start by walking at a fast pace to warm up.

If you are on the treadmill walk fast for 5 minutes and if you’re outside pick a spot in the distance and walk to it. After you’re done power-walking pick up the pace and go at a comfortable jog.

If you are on the treadmill go for 3 minutes, if you’re walking outside, pick a spot in the distance and jog toward it. Now you are going to go back to walking. Then jogging. [treadmill workouts]

I learned this technique on a treadmill and basically did warm up walk for 5 then my jog walk minutes looked like this: 3:2:4:2:5:2 and repeated.

Now if you’re outside the best thing to do is pick a place in the distance because just as you are ready to give up and stop running you see the spot and you tell yourself you can do it. Start out with blocks. Jog to the next street then walk. And so forth.

Something that may help you stay motivated while you run is listening to music. Be sure to research the best headphones for running as this will make your run more enjoyable.

By building your stamina through interval training you will a) not get frustrated so quickly and b) actually enjoy the process because it is not monotonous and keeps you paying attention.