Control Emotional Eating To Stay Healthy

Are you worried about your emotional eating tendency? If you really want to overcome emotional eating tendency, first of all you need strong determination and you should be honest to yourself.

Emotional hunger is entirely different from actual hunger. You should be able to differentiate the actual difference between emotional and physical hunger.

If you don’t have any idea about these two types of hunger, here are a couple of clues for you.

Clues to identify emotional hunger

  1. If you develop hunger suddenly or when you’ve betrayed by a friend, such type of hunger is mainly identified as emotional hunger.
  2. Emotional hunger is often associated with feeling of guilt and shame. If you tend to eat more, particularly during emotional situation like extreme anger or happiness, it is nothing but emotional hunger.
  3. Most of the emotional eaters typically feel empty and extreme hunger even after completing their routine meals.

Quick ways to control emotional eating

  1. Change your way of dealing with emotions and try to limit your eating tendency whenever you feel depressed or angry.
  2. Always keep healthy food in your house, so that even if you eat extremely at times, it doesn’t cause any harm to you.
  3. Try to substitute your eating tendency with other activities like writing down your feelings or listening to music or practicing other relaxation techniques.