Top 10 Common Habits that Damage your Kidney

Kidneys are the most important organ of the body which works continuously to purify and filter the waste products from the blood and flush out of the body in the form of urine. Kidneys not only filter the waste products but also help in regulating blood pressure, balances electrolyte, produces red blood cells. Avoid these simple things and make your kidney smile.

10 Habits to Avoid for Healthy Kidneys

Kidney diseases are called as silent killers because it shows fewer symptoms in the early stage and it can take you to the critical stage where the condition becomes advanced. Listed below are the common habits which we harm our kidneys.

Top 10 Common Habits that Damage your Kidney

  1. Not emptying your bladder early: Many of us have a habit of not emptying the balder when needed and delay the nature call because of many reasons. This makes our urinary bladder full with urine, as we extend the time to pass urine many urinary tract infections may arise.Hence make sure that you urinate before your bladder becomes full.
  1. Not drinking enough water: Drinking inadequate water is the main culprit to damage our kidneys. Excessive sweating and thirst makes you dehydrated because of this dehydration our kidneys will not get sufficient amount of fluids to carry the further necessary functions properly. Drink enough water not only when you are feeling thirst but also at regular intervals in your daily activities.
  1. Taking too much salt: Eating excess amount of salt may damage your kidney. Sodium which we consume in the form of salt should me metabolized, which will be the extra work for the kidneys. The majority of the sodium needs to be excreted; when we consume more salt kidneys will work continuously to excrete it, because of this long term stress caused on the kidneys. Remember do not eat more than 6 grams of salt per day.
  2. Over consumptions of protein: High protein intake by meat and other protein rich foods can damage kidneys. Over eating of protein may increase the burden on kidneys to eliminate more blood urea nitrogen in the blood. 
  1. Drinking too much alcohol: Consuming too much alcohol is dangerous it contains toxins which put stress on your kidney and it damages your kidney very quickly. By drinking too much alcohol can leads to uric acid deposition in kidney tubules which causes obstruction of tubules and increases the risk of kidney failure. 
  1. Pain killer abuse: Taking pain killers for small reasons is very habit. Most of the pain killers have several side effects and sometimes it can harm your body organs including kidney tissues and structures. Long term usage of pain killer can reduce your blood flow and block the kidney functions.
  2. Not treating common infection quickly and properly: Some people have a habit of ignoring the common infections such as common cold and flu etc. Because of not reacting quickly to the infections can cause kidney damage.
  1. Eating and drinking lots of sugar: Sugar the sweetest thing when taken in excess can leads to many health issues such as diabetes, obesity and many more which are the risk factors of kidney diseases.
  1. Consuming too much caffeine: Caffeine when taken in excess can elevate blood pressure and which puts strain on kidneys and damage them. So, decrease the beverages intake and start increasing the water intake which will make you hydrated and healthy. 
  1. Smoking cigarettes: Cigarettes are the weapon of mass destruction. Recent studies show that cigarettes can not damage the lungs but also damages your kidneys.

Start a healthy eating habits eat and drink healthier, avoid salt, stay away from pre packed foods, avoid alcohol, smoking and drink enough water.