6 Important Measures In Dealing With Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a very difficult skin condition which needs lot of patience to handle it.

Constant itching and scratching can upset you and also people living with you. It is very essential for you to get better relief from irritating psoriasis symptoms.

Along with regular medications prescribed by your personal doctor, here are few helpful measures that you can follow to deal with psoriasis.

  • Regularly take bath with cold water to get relief from itching to some extent. Daily baths helps you to eliminate scales on your skin and calms down inflamed skin.
  • Avoid using hot water and harsh soaps for taking bath, which can possibly make psoriasis condition much worse. Instead, you can use mild baby soaps and lukewarm water for taking bath. You can add also Dead Sea salts or Epsom salt to your bath water and let them dissolve for 15 minutes.
  • Apply moisturizer to your skin, immediately after taking bath. This will help you to prevent dry skin and locks moisture in skin. If your skin is very dry, use skin oils instead of creams and lotions.
  • Apply ointment or other creams prescribed by your doctor at night and cover affected parts of your skin overnight. This can help you to reduce redness and scaly appearance on skin.
  • Limit exposing your skin to sun and ensure that you apply sunscreens before coming from home. Dress yourself to protect from harmful sun rays and reduce worsening outbreaks of psoriasis.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and quit smoking, if you have smoking habit. Identify your triggers of psoriasis and stay away from them in all possible ways.