6 Most Common Reasons for Overeating

Have you ever noticed yourself to eat more than your body needs? Or have you ever felt that you engaged in binge eating, for no reason whatsoever? Well, overeating is not an uncommon phenomenon and happens to each one of us. But what really are the reasons that one tends to eat beyond his/her body’s capacity? There could be many different reasons and causes for this, but here, we have brought the top 6 most common reasons for overeating. Read on to find them out:

reasons for overeating1. Friends and Family

Eating is a very social activity and it can be hard to say no to your friends and family members when you are out eating with them. Even if you are on a diet, your loving family and friends may often insist that you take a ‘little more’. The little portions keep adding up and may lead to overeating.  But it is important where to put a stop and how to turn down their offer politely.

2. Finishing the Plate

A lot of us are raised with the idea that one must always finish what’s on their plate. While it sure is a good habit and avoids wasting of food, it can often lead to overeating. Thus it is a good idea to start by taking only small portions of food and add more if needed later on. Also, smaller plates work better for those who are determined to finish their plate down to the smallest pea.

3. Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation or being overly tired can be another reason for overeating. Most foods have sugar in it and sugar gives us energy. Thus whenever we are tired, we feel like eating and this may eventually lead to overeating.  The good idea here is to go for healthy snacks when you are tired rather than plates full of junk foods.

4. Boredom

Believe it or not but boredom is a very common reason for overeating.  Everyone is guilty of eating when they are bored and this can lead to adding of more calories than the body requires. Boredom can lead to watching TV and watching TV may lead you to reach for that plate full of snacks or other munching items.  Next time you are bored, go for a walk or call up a friend rather than reaching for the refrigerator or snack cupboard.

5. Eating too Quickly

A lot of us have a habit of eating food too quickly.  If you are someone who can clear the plate in 10 minutes or a little more, then you may be at a risk of overeating.  This is because those who eat quickly may find it hard to recognize that their stomach is full.  The key here is to eat slowly, savor each bite and chew properly.

6. Depression

Depression is also one of the most common reasons why people may overeat. When people feel hopeless and down, they may fill themselves up to feel better and this can often lead to overeating.