Serious Health Problems Linked With Dry Cough

Are you worried with dry cough? Although coughing is most common symptom of cold and flu, there are many health problems linked with dry cough from common cold to serious respiratory conditions.

Some of the most serious conditions that results in dry cough mainly include


If you are frequently experiencing dry cough at nights, it can be due to GERD.

When you sleep flat, the acid present in esophagus reaches throat and causes irritation, which in turn results in dry cough. So, if dry cough is mainly disturbing your sleep at night, immediately get help from your doctor to diagnose GERD.


Asthma comes with various frustrating health problems like chest congestion, wheezing including dry cough. For asthma patients, dry cough usually comes and goes, but doesn’t occur frequently like other serious symptoms.


Certain lung infections like bronchitis and pneumonia are also responsible for dry cough. These infections are triggered due to the presence of virus, bacteria or other types of fungus. So, ensure that you take immediate measures to identify the disease in early stages and get right treatment at right time.

Lung diseases

Certain serious lung diseases like lung cancer, tuberculosis and emphysema also initially starts with dry cough. So, don’t ignore the condition even it is causing minor problem for you. Getting immediate medical attention can help you to avoid serious health complications in future.