Treating Eating Disorders with Yoga

Yoga has many benefits – it can also heal eating disorders. Eating disorders are becoming common due to various causes like stress, lack of time, depression, overeating habits etc. People do Yoga to reap the positive effects on the body and because it keeps them healthy.

If you are suffering from any eating disorder and none of the medication is helping out, you can resort to yoga for getting relief in the natural and safe way. Many studies have also stated that yoga helps in recovering from eating disorder. Let us look how yoga can be helpful in treating various eating disorders:

treating eating disorders with yoga

Focusing Technique

Yoga focuses on mindlessness, deep breathing and attention on how your body is working. Yoga actually lets you take attention of the matters surrounding you and forces you to think about the matters at your hand. Thus if you are suffering from any eating disorder, all your pain and energy gets redirected to the surrounding matter.

Nurturing thought Process

Re-centering of your thought process takes place when you indulge in peaceful meditation and the poses bring strength to your body and redirects the energy of your body in the right directions. The process thereby maintains the hunger levels and helps in curing overeating or under-eating.

Makes Brain Active

Yoga is a unique remedy for all kinds of eating disorders as it helps you to listen and respond to what your body is telling you. The brain cells get alert with Yoga and tell your body more prominently about it being hungry or not – thus the stimuli reacts.

Initiates Love for yourself

It would also help you in establishing a new base for your self esteem so that you can shift the emphasis of self image towards what your body can do and not and what it looks like. It also allows you to listen to your body and respond to it in a positive way and this is the first step towards healing any eating disorder as it teaches you how to take care of your body well.

Helps to Deal with the Associated Problems

Yoga is a gentle form of exercise and it can be easily adapted by you in your daily routine. People suffering from serious eating disorders like bulimics and anorexics often suffer from osteoporosis and thus yoga is a great option for them as well.

Some Yoga Poses for Treating Eating Disorders

  • Lotus Pose
  • Squat pose
  • Goddess Pose
  • Tree Pose
  • Mountain Pose
  • Crab pose
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Locust pose

Non competitive and slower forms of yoga are known to cure many eating disorders as well by circumventing positive attitude. Yoga in fact, is a better choice for treating these disorder as it helps to form a direct collaborative relationship between the body and mind and encourages balance of the body and mind unlike other forms of exercises like aerobic etc. that are driven by music or computer programs.

In these the body signals are ignored or suppressed as the body needs to adhere to the external stimuli. This fosters disconnect of your body and mind.