Myth Associated with Milk and Mucus

Can milk cause mucus? This is a common question that many people ask and many of you probably have already conducted your experiment to find the truth behind it. Many people say that their noses run a little bit more during cold after they drink a glass of milk. However, this nothing but a myth though in a recent study conducted two-third of 330 people claimed that milk causes phlegm. Phlegm is a condition characterized by secretion of excess mucus by the mucus membrane of the respiratory system and this is more common during a cold.

myth associated with milk and mucus

Milk Causes More Mucus Production – Fact or Myth?

Milk and mucus are no where related and there is no scientific evidence to prove that milk increases mucus production. In a research, 60 people were inoculated with common cold virus and then given milk to drink. Some were given 1 glass and many were given more than 10 glasses of milk to drink as well.

When asked most of them claimed that there is an increased production of mucus after they drank the milk. However, researchers collected their nasal secretions and weighed them and they did not find any link between milk and the amount of mucus secretion. More similar studies have been conducted in many parts of the world and no link between the two has been found.

Some of the Findings of these Researches Were:

  • An increase in milk intake can actually reduce upper and lower respiratory tract congestion and make you feel better
  • Milk is not associated with nasal secretion, nose congestion of coughing and there are studies to prove this
  • Milk can speed up your recovery as fluids in any form in really good for your health when you have cold or you are down with fever

Reasons for Mucus Formation

Increase in the secretion of mucus is not caused by anything present in your diet generally. It is caused by allergens, viruses and other pathogens. It can also be caused by some medications that dry out the throat and the mouth.

However, in one study it has been proved that there is a link between milk and mucus. Milk taken from specific breeds of cow that contain a protein named beta CM 7 can increase mucus production. This protein stimulates the mucus glands and increases their secretion in both the respiratory tract and the digestive tract. This is the reason as why dairy elimination diet works in few people suffering from asthma, cold and the likes.

There is something important that you need to keep in mind and that is cutting out dairy products completely from your diet can affect your health adversely. A glass of milk every day is good for your bones and muscles and your overall health as well. It gives you energy and it also fortifies your immune system. There are many other myths associated with milk like drinking milk causes puberty and kidney stones, growth hormones in milk are bad and others.