The Pros and Cons of a Vegan Diet – Part 1

In recent times Vegan diets and lifestyles have made headlines often due to celebrity endorsements or others in the limelight practicing not only the diet but the way of life.Vegan Diet

What is veganism?

The term is open to several interpretations: one interpretation of the term means “non-dairy vegetarian” or a diet that eschews not only meat of all kinds, but also eggs, milk and other dairy products.

Then there is the concept of veganism that refers to a doctrine that man should live without exploiting animals in any way.

This encompasses more of one’s life than just what one eats. This type of veganism often called ethical veganism refers to ethical choices in terms of other consumption as well – what we wear and what we buy and use as well.

In recent times not only have many celebrities publicly turned to veganism extolling its many benefits, its popularity seems to be increasing even among the general populace as evidenced by the increasing number of vegan restaurants, vegan cosmetics and other vegan products available in the market.

Even sports persons and top athletes have come out in favor of the diet as being beneficial for athletic performance.

And certainly there is much to recommend veganism-

Protection against degenerative disease

Studies have shown that diets rich in fruit, veg and grain which include little or no meat can offer protection against degenerative diseases such as heart disease and so on. There is evidence to show that the protection could extend to preventing certain cancers, obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and so on.

Some vegans also claim to have better energy levels, productivity, mental acuity and increased powers of concentration after having gone on to a vegan diet.

Nutritionally adequate

Well planned vegan diets are seen to be suitable for everyone even among those who may have special nutritional requirements such as growing children, pregnant women and so on. Many athletes who have demanding physical regimens also swear by vegan diets. This is probably because a lot of nutrients necessary for the body’s proper functioning are available through vegan diets.

Infection risk lowered

Animal based or dairy products carry with them certain infection risks such as salmonella, Listeria and so on.

The satisfaction of making an ethical and responsible choice

There is of course the satisfaction of knowing that there are no animals being slaughtered for at least your food if you are vegan. There is also evidence to show that vegan diets are more earth friendly and ecologically responsible.