5 Ways To Deal With Gluten Allergy

Gluten Allergy or Gluten Sensitivity or Gluten Intolerance can be defined as a continuum of disorders that include Celiac disease in which gluten can affect your body adversely. You must keep in mind that wheat allergy and gluten allergy are not comparable.

The name Gluten has been derived from Latin word, gluten which means glue. The component glue assists to provide elasticity to dough in order to keep in its shape. Gluten allergy has been found to be genetic. The inner lining of the smaller intestine get inflamed and destructed as the effect of gluten allergy which leads to the malabsorption of nutrients to your body.

The symptoms of gluten allergy involve bloating, headaches, severe acne, fatigue, strong abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, migraines, strong joint or muscle pain etc. As per the Celiac Sprue Association gluten allergy is not treatable.

Hence the only option in this regard is to strictly adhere to the gluten free diet. Here you are being guided with some methods to carry out in your daily agenda to fight against gluten allergy.

gluten allergy1. Wearing a Bracelet

Though it sounds to be superstitious, but in fact it works to identify the allergy and necessitates emergency care if you undergo through anaphylaxis, a situation in which you will not be able to communicate.

2. Build the of Reading Labels

While shopping for any food product you need to read the label to get knowledge about the composition of that particular food product. Gluten or wheat proteins are used to thicken the food and consequently you can locate them in quiet unexpected places as well.

3. Pick up Gluten Free Products

You can avail gluten free products in some super markets or specialty stores which will be safe for you to use. Gluten free food products are also free from grains which can be harmless for you to intake. Hence incorporation of gluten free products in your daily diet can control your gluten allergy or celiac disease.

4. Wheat free Cooking Books

As now-a-days cooking has become an art, you can avail wide range of cooking books in the market among which wheat free cooking books will be preferable for you. These specialized books will guide to cook baked goods as well as other foods with using wheat substitutes.

5. Be Cautious While Dinning Out

While dinning out always remember to inform the restaurant authorities about your gluten allergy and to what extend it can be serious if you intake any wheat proteins. It is preferable for you to order fresh foods instead of any sauce or deep fried foods which can have hidden basis of wheat proteins.

Photo Credit By: brian-speaks.com