Top 6 Ways to Treat Ear Congestion

Ear congestion is described by a congested feeling inside the ear canal. This may be accompanied by popping sounds in your ear, reduction in hearing abilities, ringing of the ear and slight dizziness. The basic cause of ear blockage is inflammation of the Eustachian tube.

However, secondary causes associated with ear blockage are accumulation of mucus in the middle ear, allergic reactions, bacterial infection causing inflammation of the ear canal, temporary alteration of the external pressure such as during a flight and excessive accumulation of wax in your ear.

Typically, the symptoms last for only a few days and no pain is associated with ear congestion. Also, in maximum cases, no treatment is required. However, if the symptoms are causing you too much discomfort or pain, try these simple techniques to get an easy cure to ear blockage.

ear congestion treatment

Ear Congestion Treatment Procedures

Given below is a list of easy methods to alleviate the symptoms of ear congestion:

1. Apply Decongestant

If the blockage in your ear is a consequence of seasonal allergies or common cold use decongestant prescribed by the physician. Decongestants will reduce ear inflammation and relieve you from ear blockage.

2. Try to Create Vacuum

Insert your index finger and move it gently around the ear canal until a vacuum is created. The vacuum thus created will remove the congestion in the canal.

3. Steam Treatment Methods

In a large bowl, put hot, steaming water. Then, cover your head with towel and rest it over the steam bath. The vapor loosens the mucus clogging the ear canal which then can be spitted out in another bowl.

Addition of herbs like chamomile, having antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities, may improve the effectiveness of the steam treatment.

4. Softening the Ear Wax

If hardened wax is the root of your ear congestion, try softening it by adding a few drops of mineral oil to your ear canal opening. Keep it for sometime before using an ear bud to remove the clogged wax.

5. Use Yawing to your Advantage

Try to yawn, or open and close your mouth repeatedly. This helps to clear the air and hence loosen the mucus in your middle ear.

6. Chew Gum

Chewing on gum or hard lozenges aid in repeated swallowing, creating pressure at regular intervals to loosen the clogged mucus.

If the above prescribed remedies fail, or if you experience pain in your ear or the symptoms do not alleviate within 48 hours then consult an ear specialist for further treatment.

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