5 Expert Remedies to Treat In-Grown Eyelashes

In-grown eyelashes are referred to the phenomenon of eyelashes growing towards your eyes, medically known as ‘trichiasis. This abnormal positioning of eyelashes is caused by auto-immune diseases, eye inflammation, infection, congenital defects or trauma such as eyelid injury.

As a result, the constant rubbing of in-growing eyelashes on the cornea cause the eye to become irritated, red and watery. It may also make the eyes hypersensitive towards light and cause pain. Chronic trichiasis results in permanent scarring of cornea, eye infection and blurring of vision.

This article guides you to some necessary remedies to treat in-grown eyelashes effectively.


Treatment Procedures for In-Grown Eyelashes

Some successful treatment procedures to alleviate abnormal growth of eyelashes have been listed below:

1. Warm or Cold Compress

In-grown eyelashes often occur in conjunction with eye inflammation and pain. Apply warm (not too hot) or cold compresses to reduce this inflammation and ease the pain. A towel soaked in warm water or an ice bag has to be held against the affected eye for 10 to 15 minutes per hour. This may give you temporary relief from the problems.

2. Epilation

Epilation is a procedure done by a professional ophthalmologist to selectively remove in-grown eyelashes from your eyes. The eyes are first numbed with special drops. Then, a magnifying glass is used to locate the position of in-grown eyelashes, and the disfigured eye lashes are removed using Epilation forceps. Positive result is almost immediately observed. However, DON’T attempt to remove the affected eyelashes at home.

3. Electrolysis or Electrology

This process involves passing low-voltage electric current though the base of the eyelash to destroy the cells that form the hair follicles. This results in permanent removal of eyelashes although there are chances of re-growth. You will be prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection and to use warm or cold compresses to curb the inflammation.

4. Cryotherapy

In this procedure, the hair follicles are frozen with liquid nitrogen and destroyed to prevent re-growth and abate the occurrence of in-grown eyelashes.

5. Surgical Procedures

Consult with an ophthalmologist regarding surgical removal of eyelashes. An ophthalmologist might be able to correct the growth pattern of eyelashes or completely remove the affected section of eyelashes surgically.

In-grown eyelashes might seem to be a minor problem; however, if left untreated they may give rise to visual problems in the future. Hence, seek the expert assistance of an eye specialist and get a complete cure of in-grown eyelashes.

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