Eye Care Tips To Ensure Healthy Vision

Eyes are most important parts of your body and it is very important to protect your eyes to prevent various vision problems before they get a chance to develop.

Here are few effective ways to take better care for your eyes.

  1. Provide Good nutrition
  2. Eat lots of leafy vegetables like spinach, collard greens and also kale. These particular vegetables are good sources to provide anti-inflammatory effect for your eyes and also preserve your eye health.

  3. Protect from sun
  4. While protecting your skin from sun, include your eyes also a part of it. Wear sun glasses or your regular glasses, whenever you are out in sun. If you really want to take better care for your eyes, make sure to protect them from harmful UV radiation emitted from sun.

  5. Use Cucumber
  6. Cucumber contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and also Magnesium and it is specially known for its excellent soothing properties. Cucumber can help you greatly to relax your eyes. So, you can leave slices of cucumber on your eyes or cotton dabbed in cucumber water for few minutes on your eyes to give relaxation for your eyes.

  7. Avoid smoking
  8. Smoking can have adverse effects on your overall health including your eye health. It potentially damages the blood vessels of your eyes and causes various vision problems, so try to quit your smoking habit as soon as possible.