7 Indications That Say It is Time to Visit your Ophthalmologist

With the hectic schedule that the world is moving with, it is very difficult to go for regular health check-ups. Only when you confront health issues that disturb your regular lifestyle, you feel the urge to visit the respective specialist.

Eyes being the indispensible part of a human body should be constantly under checkups and monitoring at intervals; however if it is not possible due to busy chores make sure you do not neglect the signs your eyes will send to say that ‘it needs care’. Eye examinations and proper medicine administration should be done promptly or else eye issues can cause long-term damage. Here are 7 signs that will suggest you to visit ophthalmologist immediately –

indications that say it is time to visit your ophthalmologistBlurred Vision

If you cannot view clearly as before and is experiencing blurred vision to see objects or signs at a significant distance then you should visit the specialist immediately. May be you are suffering from farsightedness (hyperopia) or nearsightedness (myopia). In severe cases, blurred vision can also be due to abnormal shape of the cornea. If ignored the problem can worsen and affect your complete vision.

See Sudden Flashy Lights

This eye disorder does not happen very frequently, but if you see sudden flashy lights in front of your eyes or floating black spots it needs immediate medical attention. This is most likely a symptom of retinal detachment and the treatment is surgery. Therefore, do not delay when you get this sign!

Continuous Redness in Eyes

Often due to allergies, your eyes might get red and itchy, but they subside by their own if you splash water continuously and maintain the basic hygiene. However, if the redness continues till next 24 hours along with puffiness and itching (sometime watery eyes can also happen) then there is something wrong. Infection, rupturing of blood vessels or conjunctivitis can be the reason. Maintain proper sanitation and visit the doctor as soon as possible.

Trouble in Differentiating Between Colours

Irrespective of light exposure, day or night if you find it difficult to differentiate between colours; it might be the indication of onset of colour blindness. This eye disorder is more common in males. Women experience colour blindness specifically due to ocular disorders.

Burning Sensation

Burning sensation of the eyes can indicate serious trouble if it persists for more than two days. It can be caused due to dryness, allergy, tiredness, vision stress or may be all of these together. This can also affect your other activities, thus visit to a doctor (he might prescribe lubrication eye drops) is preferable as soon as possible. Try out the cool compresses on your eyes.

Painful Eyes

Pain in the eyes can be categorised into stabbing, throbbing, sharp, dull, external and internal. IT can cause simply due to excessive strain; but that subsides within few hours of rest. If it does not, then the cause might be serious and internal. While rotating your eyeball, if you feel any kind of pain visit the specialist immediately.

Nausea & Headache

The prime symptom of Glaucoma is nausea and headache for a long period of time. This is a medical illness that needs prompt treatment; if you confront vomiting, headache, eye swelling, pain, nausea, and rainbow rings along with unclear vision, get a check up done to avoid any further complications. This disease can even leave you blind if not treated; it is more common after a cataract operation.

Be very careful while self treating your eyes and nothing but clean water should be the treatment mode. No over the counter medicines or eye drops should be used before a licensed doctor prescribes you. It is the matter of your vision, thus take medical measures as soon as you feel anything abnormal.