Possible Complications From Gastric Bypass Surgery (Part 1)

Many people have sought relief from obesity by virtue of the Gastric Bypass Surgery, which is basically surgery that reduces the volume of the stomach and consequently a person’s capacity for intake.

It also alters the body’s physiological and psychological response to food and is seen to result in fairly dramatic weight loss. This surgery however is not without its complications:

  • Though this surgery is safer than ever before, there are all the possible complications that may arise from abdominal surgery, such as the risk of death, infection and hemorrhage, since this is a complicated procedure.
  • Sometimes an internal Hernia is likely to occur as a result of this surgery.
  • Bowel obstruction is one of the possible complications that result from the gastric bypass surgery either due to adhesions (scarring of the bowel) or due to hernia. Additional surgery may be needed to correct the problem.
  • There is an increased risk of blood clots forming though usually this is taken care of by administering blood thinners before surgery.
  • Anastomotic leakage is another possible complication where fluid from within the gastrointestinal tract can leak into the sterile abdominal cavity and cause infection or abscess. Sometimes even an ulceration of the such anastomosis can occur.