Kegel Exercises For Men?

Most women have probably heard of Kegels Exercises.

These are the exercises of the pelvic floor muscles that strengthen these muscles, decrease chances of incontinence and are also known to be helpful for preparing the pelvic floor muscles for the physical stress of a natural childbirth or vaginal delivery.

These exercises are also said to treat vaginal prolapse and are useful in preventing uterine prolapse, so really there are many reasons for women to do these easy to do, do anywhere and not be seen variety of exercises.

What is less well known however is that men can benefit from doing Kegel exercises, named so for their creator, Arnold Kegel. And like women, when they do these exercises, no one need know when men are doing them either!

Also like women, Kegel exercises can help in the issue to incontinence, not just for the present but also for the future, because they keep the muscles in good working order for a long time.

It is about strengthening and reinforcing the pubococcygeus muscles of men, which can cause increased sexual performance. Kegel exercises are known to help the man ‘last’ longer and are also known to help in erectile dysfunction.

There is also some amount of evidence to show that Kegels may help men increase their potency at least somewhat because they are better able to control their ejaculation when the pubococcygeus muscles are stronger and in better shape.

The way for men to indentify and isolate their pubococcygeus muscles is similar to the way that women would do it; by stopping the flow of urine when urinating. The muscles used to stop mid flow, are the ones that are used to perform Kegel’s as well.

It is important to locate the correct muscles and not involve the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and sphincter since doing so may actually reduce the efficacy of the exercises.

It is also important that the exercise be done right way, and doing them the right way will cause no pain. If there is however some pain, this will mean that the exercise is being done the incorrect way and needs to be reviewed.

It is recommended that men should perform Kegel exercises 3 to 4 times a day starting with 5 reps and then going on up to 10 reps. Visible results can accrue from the exercise within a month or two and it is important to be patient and persist with these exercises.