Good Stress? Who Would Have Thought?

Did you know there is actually such a thing as good stress? That’s right. There isn’t just bad stress anymore.

In fact, experts definitely agree that a certain level of stress is good for us. Now, bad stressors such as the death of someone close or the loss of a job or a divorce are definitely bad stressors that do not have any health benefits.

However there are stressors that are not as harmful. Of course after the stress it is always impossible to ‘come down’ and relax in a healthy and beneficial way.

Why is a certain amount of stress good for us? Scientists have found that stress pumps our body into repair mode.

Small stressors like organizing your time, hurrying to get something done, mastering a puzzle or crossword and making deadlines are all stressors that will build your resistance and literally make you a stronger person.

Now as we said above relaxing after the initial stress is important for your body to do the repairing that the stress prepares us for. And having a few beers at happy hour is not what they have in mind for relaxing. Take care of yourself and your body.