Keeping Your Herpes Virus Dormant

Did you know that 1 in 4 people have the herpes virus? That is 25% of people in this country have the herpes virus.

Now, many of those people may not know they have it unfortunately and those who do have it are most likely dealing with many different emotions.

If you have been infected with the herpes virus and are in a committed relationship you do not have to have the “I have to tell you something…” conversation anymore and if you are a female infected with the herpes virus and are single you most likely have to have that conversation too often.

While we cannot give you advice as to how to cure your herpes virus or tell people you are infected we can give you helpful tips on how to keep your herpes outbreaks to a minimum and even keep your herpes virus somewhat dormant.

First of all, herpes virus outbreaks are a direct reflection of your immune system and your health. Stress, a bad diet and fatigue will all contribute to more frequent herpes virus outbreaks.

Although the medications can be a bit pricey and many insurance companies do not cover it, the herpes medications are there for a reason and they really do help keep herpes outbreaks to a minimum.