Boost your Sexual Health even after Aging

Just like your mind needs stimuli, your body also needs some elements to stay lively and that is what sex provides. At every age, sex is very important but as you grow old, the drive to have sex decreases. There are however ways to retain this passion and to maintain a healthy sensual and sexual life with your partner and for that adaptability is very important.

sexual health even after agingBelow given are some effective ways to maintain sexual health:

  • Communicate: You must be able to talk to your partner about your sexual needs. Be sure to tell him/her about the way you feel about your current sensual life and how it affects you physically and emotionally. That way you will be able to break barriers.
  • Man and woman’s sexual age: There is difference in the sexual age limit for men and women. While men have a healthy sex life till the age of 60 or 65, women do not have the same response to sex till that age as their sexual urges reduce considerably by menopause which sets in by 50. That is the main reason why women should consider the first pregnancy by the age of 32. Men should also take into account the sexual age of women and the hormonal changes in them and play along.
  • Safe sex: No matter how seasoned you are in this dimension, safe sex is very important. You need to be sure that you do not transmit and sexual disease or contract the same from anyone else.
  • Avoid self medication: Even in your prime age, you may have problems with sex and your sex life. Contact a doctor and adhere to the medication. Do not self medicate for results.
  • Illness: Ill health in one partner may hinder the sex life of a couple and it is important for the healthy partner to make sure that the ill partner does not feel neglected or guilty of the low sex in the couple.
  • Difference in thoughts: Many a times the partners might want different things out of a sexual relationship. It is important that you voice the difference in need and make sure that both of you respect each other’s desires.
  • Accept change: It is obvious that your sexual desires will change with age. You will not be as active in your 40’s as you were in your 20’s. Change with time and accept the change.