Gum Clinics Are the Place for Accurate HIV Testing

HIV testing is one of the most important tests available today. These might be done at almost any gum clinic and there are certain major types of testing that have different levels of

If you feel that you have been infected with the virus within the past 7 days, then the HIV RNA PCR test is the one for you. This test takes just five working days to produce results and the total cost comes to £299, providing you with complete peace of mind.

HIV testing might be done through the HIV Duo Test that is also known as the HIV 28 Day test. This offers reliable results and the advantage is that it is inexpensive, in comparison with the previous HIV tests.

The test is done through a simple blood sample that is sent to the laboratory and you should have the results in a few hours. The total cost of the test is of £125 and the accuracy is  99.8%.

The HIV Antibody test is another reliable HIV test that is performed at most gum clinics. Similar to more traditional HIV tests, the only difference is that it is a lot faster and in many cases you get the results in two minutes, while you are still with the doctor. This test is able to show the signs of infection if it it occurred in the past 90 days. If it is unlikely that you have been exposed to the virus in this time period, then you might want to choose the previous method.

The price of these tests is £125.

If you think that the infection period is greater than 90 days, then you should opt for the HIV INSTI test. The results of the tests are available after one minute, and this test detects the infection if it occurred more than three months or twelve weeks prior to the test. While you are waiting for the results you have the chance to discuss any questions with an experienced friendly doctor who will be with you every step of the way. The total cost is of £130 and the results are very reliable.