Key Facts About Insomnia

People affected by Insomnia have problems either with staying asleep or constantly waking up while sleeping.

When you have insomnia  you may wake up while you were asleep at night or wake up too early in the morning, like 4 hours after you fall asleep and later couldn’t resume your slumber anymore.

When it comes to insomnia facts most of you would obviously become confused.  Some of you might think insomnia as a chronic condition that may affect an individual for weeks or even months without sleep while others may consider that insomnia is treated only with drugs.

Keeping your myths and misconceptions related to insomnia aside, below stated are certain facts about insomnia.

  • For most of you stress is the main key cause of insomnia. Prolonged or constant exposure to stress can certainly make you experience insomnia.
  • Insomnia effects extend much farther than just lack of concentration and focus. Impaired memory and motor skills, blurred vision, intolerance and constant changes in  appetite [Improve appetite]are some of the most common symptoms of insomnia.
  • Medication or intake of prescribed drugs is not the only solution for insomnia problem, at times medications are completely unnecessary for insomnia treatment.
  • Alcohol abuse, nicotine and few other types of non prescribed medications can keep you awake. So once you identify such stimulants of insomnia, avoid them before bedtime.
  • Insomnia is also linked with psychiatric problems, particularly for those who actually wake up earlier than they wish to do so.