6 Risks of Leaving Sleep Apnoea Untreated

Sleep apnoea is a serious sleeping condition that can have a range of negative effects on a person’s life. OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) is the inability to sleep due to a partial or full blockage of the airways, meaning that sufferers are repeatedly and abruptly woken throughout the night finding it difficult to breathe. Symptoms of sleep apnoea include episodes of snoring, gasps and sudden awakenings where sufferers feel like they’re choking.

Fortunately, it’s possible for OSA to be treated, with sleep apnoea Melbourne clinics and sleep apnoea dentists offering a number of effective treatments. Some of the treatments include devices that assist with breathing during the night, dramatically improving how the sufferer sleeps.

sleep apnoea

Some of the risks of leaving OSA untreated by a sleep apnoea Melbourne professional or sleep apnoea dentist include:

Social Impacts

Sleep apnoea can impact the way sufferers socialise, generally decreasing their desire to do so. Excessive fatigue can lead to OSA sufferers falling asleep at inappropriate times, such as at work, in social settings and while carrying out daily tasks. It can also impair their ability to concentrate during everyday conversations, which can lead to embarrassment and a lack of desire to leave the house.

Mental Health

OSA is known to have negative effects on a sufferer’s mental health. The condition can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, irritability and frustration. Sleep apnoea can also leave sufferers feeling unmotivated, which can prevent them from seeking treatment for the condition.

Weight Gain

Extreme fatigue and inability to feel motivated makes it incredibly difficult for sleep apnoea sufferers to exercise or maintain healthy habits. Obesity can be both a cause and a side effect of sleep apnoea, as sufferers are unable to make the changes necessary to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. OSA can also cause metabolic changes to occur in sufferers, making weight loss a lot harder.

Cardiovascular Disease

One of the biggest reasons sleep apnoea Melbourne clinics are visited is due to the frightening link between OSA and cardiovascular health. OSA can increase the risk of heart attacks, cardiac rhythm disturbances, stroke, high blood pressure and night-time angina attacks.

Lack of Cognitive Function

OSA can be dangerous in terms of affecting the daily cognitive functioning of sufferers. The condition can lead to impaired memory, lack of concentration, and a number of mood and behavioural changes. This makes it particularly hard to maintain a professional career with OSA, as daily tasks become difficult and exhausting. Certain tasks such as driving can also become dangerous.

Poorer Quality of Life

In general, sufferers of OSA who let the condition go untreated will experience negative effects when it comes to general wellbeing and life quality. OSA restricts sufferers from functioning and socialising as usual and feeling as happy as possible, making it hard to achieve life goals or feel fulfilled.

To improve quality of life and avoid many of the risks above, it’s recommended that you seek treatment from a sleep apnoea dentist or other professional.