Tips To Improve Appetite For Better Health

Loss of appetite is the most common problem encountered by many people undergoing cancer treatment and it is one of the most common symptoms associated with other chronic illnesses in your body.

Improving appetite is most crucial part to be healthy, particularly if you are suffering with any chronic illness.

Few ways to improve appetite

  1. Add flavors to your food for stimulating appetite. For instance, basil, garlic and oregano are few herbs that you can add to your food to improve your appetite.
  2. Avoid cooking strong smelling foods like cauliflower and fish that can possibly distract your interest in eating food.
  3. Herbal teas like licorice and peppermint tea are traditionally used by many people to improve appetite. Even Chinese ginseng tea helps a lot to improve appetite, but it is also known to trigger jitters and nervousness, so be cautious of it.
  4. Have meals on time and eat small, frequent meals. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself to eat. Just try to eat food whenever you really feel hungry.
  5. Avoid extreme tiredness, as it can ruin your appetite.
  6. Practice gentle exercises such as walking or stroll around the garden to stimulate your appetite.
  7. Make a habit of having bedtime snacks like drinking milk, which can not only improve your appetite but also helps you for better sleep.