Owning A Pet Is Good For Your Heart

It is now widely accepted, and has been for years, that high levels of stress and psychological anxiety will finally lead to heart and cardiovascular disorders, unless the level of stress and anxiety is lowered.

Recently, a professor from the Minnesota Stroke Institute at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis suggested that pets may also find benefit from the relief of these damaging factors as well as their owners.

Pets are in fact known to diminish the stress level in humans by providing an additional pleasure with the affection they offer their owners.

Research by the American Heart Association demonstrated that even a short interchange of less than 15 minutes with a pet could decrease the risk of lung and heart dysfunctions in people who were already affected by these problems.

People owning cats also proved to have a lower percentage of fatal heart attacks.

It has in fact been demonstrated that there is a thirty percent less chance of heart attacks, in all those people owning pets.

People with pets have been known to show significant improvements related to cardiovascular problems as opposed to other people without pets, therefore although this decreased rate had been predicted, experts were surprised at the extent pets could actually influence these health problems.