With Age Comes Happiness, A Study Says

It may be that the eyes are not what they were, hearing is affected and the aches and pains have set in, but a Gallup poll found that people get happier, the older they get.

A study was conducted based on the poll and according to Arthur A. Stone, the lead author of the study, this could be due to environmental changes, psychological changes in the way we view the world and even biological changes relating to endocrine and brain chemistry changes.

The survey asked people their sense of satisfaction with their life based on factors such as age, sex, personal finances, health and current events.

Questions were also asked relating to feelings such as enjoyment, happiness, stress, worry, anger, and sadness.

What researchers found was that people started out adulthood, being pretty happy at age 18, then life seemed to start weighing them down, and the downward spiral seemed to last until age 50.

And then it was seen that people start to get happier as they age beyond age 50. Life seems to come a full circle when we see that people aged 85 are happier with their life than those aged 18!