Importance of Proper Washing of Fruits and Veggies

Fresh produce can cause illnesses so that it is important to wash fruits and vegetables properly and thoroughly as per the rules of the US Department of agriculture –

  • Wash everything, even if it says “ready to eat” or “pre-washed”. Remember even if you peel or scrape off the outer layer, the germs, dirt, pesticides and so on at the surface can get transferred to what you will ultimately eat.
  • Using running water, preferably cold, rub soft produce for half to a full minute; for harder items use a vegetable brush.
  • Avoid soaps, detergents and bleaches because these can penetrate into the produce. Also there is nothing to indicate that these products clean fruit and veggies any better.
  • Wash thoroughly. Make sure there are no creases and crevices that are left out, remove damaged portions, and outer leaves and layers including outer stalks and stems before washing.
  • Dry off the fruits and veggies using paper towels so that there are no lingering germs that get left behind.
  • Always use water to wash, blowing on it, rubbing with clothing or a dry towel will not do the job as well; so always wash and do that properly.