Serious Health Conditions Responsible For Heart Failure

With routine aging process, it is quite common that everyone will lose certain blood pumping ability in your heart.

But, the most serious condition could be heart failure that is triggered by other health issues.

Actually, all bad habits that are associated with heart disease like smoking, overweight, irregular exercise routine can lead to heart failure. But, there are few health conditions that can also lead to unexpected heart failure. Some of the most serious health conditions include:

High blood pressure: Having high blood pressure can pose a higher risk of heart failure. Uncontrolled blood pressure can certainly increase your risk of heart disease by twice or thrice.

Previous episodes of heart attack: When you already have a few episodes of heart attack, you should take necessary care to maintain a healthy heart.

Diabetes: As you might have already known, diabetes if untreated or uncontrolled, can lead to several health complications like kidney failure, coronary artery disease, thus resulting in heart failure.

Irregular heart beat: Abnormal rhythms of heart beat(Heart murmur) can put more pressure on your heart and weakens your heart muscle and leads to unexpected heart failure.

Lung disease: When lungs fail to function properly, it puts more pressure and works on you heart in order to get more oxygen for your body.  Consequently, this condition leads to heart failure.