Teens Who Smoke Are At Greater Obesity Risk Later

A new study reveals doubt on common assumption that unhealthy smoking habit keeps them thin.

But, researchers particularly found that teens who smoke heavily are more susceptible to gain extra body pounds in their later life.

Even though there is no clear evidence that smoking is directly linked to obesity, but according to Dr. Suoma Saarni, a researcher at the University of Helsinki, “it is very important for teens with heavy smoking habit to remember this point that smoking leads to obesity in later life”.

Even though smoking is linked with weight loss, some experts believe that people who stopped smoking often gain weight and certain studies have suggested that few adult women and teens actually use smoking as weight loss tool.

The researchers found that teens who smoke at least 10 cigarettes everyday are more likely to add more body pounds when turned into middle age individuals. Even when the researchers adjusted their figures to consider other weight gain factors, the rates remained still higher.

In addition, women are more likely to develop obesity when compared with males. However, the study failed to report how many times teen smokers are more likely to develop obesity in their later life.

The researchers also suggest that the reason for why smoking can lead to obesity is something like, it could be something to do with body’s metabolism and its ability to process food and keep fat from building up.