Middle Class Professionals Are Biggest Drinkers

A large-scale study carried out by Britain’s Office for National Statistics has revealed that some of the worst alcohol abusers are middle-class, middle-aged, professionals who on average consume double the amount of alcohol compared with other sections of society.

The usual figure considered to be a safe limit for adults is four “units” of alcohol per day.

And a unit is generally considered to be a small glass of wine or Beer.

According to the study, people in this risk group do not consume any more glasses of alcohol and other groups in society. The problem arises from the fact that middle class drinkers tend to opt for wine as their alcohol of choice.

Which in itself is not a problem, but the study revealed that these drinkers quite simply make use of larger wineglasses. These glasses containing three times as much as a regular wineglass add up to 3 or more units per glass instead of the usual one unit.

Around a quarter of all middle-class drinkers consume this amount a minimum of once per week which is considered to be medically damaging to the body.

Middle class drinkers were also inclined towards drinking more often, nearly always in their own home for several hours in the evening after work.

Around 20% of those studied stated that they drink at least double the recommended amounts of alcohol on a “nightly” basis putting them at high risk for many alcohol related diseases and health problems.