Be Aware Of All Health Complications Associated With Obesity!

Do you weigh more than your normal weight? Then it is very essential for you to realize that weighing up more than your normal weight can potentially lead you to many health complications.

Obesity is not just a cosmetic consideration; it can also have its direct affect on your health.

It has been estimated that almost 300,000 deaths are directly related to obesity and its associated health complications.

Obesity mainly increases the risk of developing various chronic health conditions.

So, if you are obese, you can more probably develop several serious health complications.

Some of the most common health disorders associated with obesity can mainly include:

High blood pressure!

If you put on more body weight, you’ll definitely gain more fatty tissue in your body. Just like many other parts of your body, this fatty tissue also depends on oxygen and nutrients in your blood to survive.

Whenever the demand for oxygen and nutrients increases, the blood circulation certainly increases and it in turn increases the pressure on your arteries. As a result, you can suffer with high blood pressure.

Coronary artery disease!

This is one of the common forms of cardiovascular disease that results in the accumulation of fatty deposits in arteries that supply blood to your heart.

Overtime, these fatty deposits narrow your heart arteries and reduce the blood flow to your heart. At times, complete blockage of arteries can lead to heart attack.

Insulin resistance!

As long as your pancreas tends to produce enough insulin to overcome the resistance, the blood sugar levels in your body remain normal.

Once your pancreas stops producing insulin into your fat cells, it leads to higher levels of blood glucose levels and results in type-2 diabetes.


Even though it is not conclusively proven, certain observational studies tell that obesity and cancer are interlinked with each other. Obesity is also associated with breast cancer in women, particularly in postmenopausal women.

Fat tissue plays a vital role in the production of estrogen in your body. When your body is exposed repeatedly to estrogen levels, then it increases the risk of breast cancer.

Fertility problems!

Increased body weight is significantly associated with many fertility problems in both men and women. Particularly women suffering with increased body weight are at increased risk of developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

These are certain serious health problems associated with obesity. So, always try to keep your body weight in control.

If at all you are suffering with over weight, find out different methods to reduce your overweight and stay away from all these health complications.