Certain Toxic Foods Can Lead To Botulism!

Have you ever heard of food poisoning? Certain foods, which you take can be poisonous to your body some times.

This condition of food poisoning also called botulism is very rare condition but can be very serious for you if you get affected.

Botulism can be caused due to intoxication caused by certain potent toxins performed in foods.

Bacterium called clostridium botulinum is the main source for the production of these toxins in your body. Ingestion of these toxins, which are mainly present in foods made improperly, can be dangerous and fatal sometimes.

How botulism can cause harm to you?

Botulism, this condition of food poisoning usually stops your muscles from working. As the toxins spread in body, your muscles become weak and you can feel queasy and end up with diarrhea.

You can also feel difficulty in speaking, trouble in breathing, swallowing and can experience blurred vision and droopy eyelids.

Is there any prevention for botulism?

Food borne botulism is often caused due to improperly prepared home canned foods like corn, asparagus, beets and also green peas.

However, at times, these can be an out break of botulism from more unusual sources like chopped garlic in oil, tomatoes, chili, peppers and also from improperly wrapped boiled potatoes in aluminum foils.

So, in order to prevent contamination of food and prevent food poisoning, here are certain tips:

  • In order to prevent botulism and to kill the bacteria which, are responsible for the contamination of food, it is very essential for you to follow strict hygienic procedures in home canning.
  • Oils that are mainly infused with garlic and other herbs must be kept in refrigerators.
  • Potatoes that have been baked with wrapped aluminum foil must be kept hot, until you serve them or keep in refrigerators. This can be helpful in destroying the bacteria responsible for botulism.
  • Consider boiling or heating the food before 10 minutes of eating and ensure that the food is safe to consume.
  • Do not taste any food which smells abnormally or do not attempt it to boil.
  • Avoid feeding honey for the children below 12 months of age as honey contains pores of bacteria responsible for botulism. It can be a source of infection for your infants.

These are certain tips to prevent botulism, try to follow these tips to prevent food poisoning.