Stomach Virus: Highly Contagious Infection!

Most of you might be in misconception that stomach virus is some thing which affects the stomach.

But, in fact, this stomach virus mainly affects your small intestine and this condition is considered as stomach flu.

Several different viruses are responsible for this condition and this stomach flu is highly contagious.

How stomach virus transmits?

Viral gastroenteritis commonly known as stomach flu is highly contagious and easily transmitted through unwashed hands.

You will be affected with this stomach virus, when an infected person shares your food, drink or even utensils or even by eating food and drinking beverages that are contaminated with stomach virus.

Even if you no longer have the symptoms of stomach flu, it can be still contagious, as the virus can be found mainly in the stool after you recover from the illness. Any one can become infected with this virus without having the signs of the virus and they can still spread the infection.

This outbreak of the infection can occur mainly in households, nursing homes, restaurants, child care centers, cruise ships, schools, and dormitories and also in other places where people gather in groups.

When you suspect that you are exposed to the stomach virus in the above mentioned places, immediately consult your health care provider and get it tested for the presence of this virus in your body.

Necessary care for stomach virus:

It is very important to treat viral gastroenteritis caused due to stomach virus to prevent severe loss of the body fluids. You must begin this treatment at your home, when you are confirmed with the infection.

Usually most of the families with infants and young children keep a supply of oral rehydration solution at their home at all times and uses this solution whenever diarrhea takes place in the child.

Oral rehydration solution is available at all pharmaceutical stores and they are also available without prescription. Try to follow the instructions written on the package and try to use it with clean boiled water. Do not use any medications until your doctor recommends.

There is no vaccine for this stomach virus. It can be prevented by taking proper self care. You can avoid this infection by washing your hands frequently and if you suspect any food or drinks that are contaminated, just try to avoid them.