Thyroid Problem Can Lead To Severe Hair Loss!

Are you worried about rigorous hair loss? Then it is very essential for you to get tested for thyroid problem in your body.

For most of the people, severe loss of hair is also considered as one of the major symptoms for hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Hair loss is usually associated with thinning of hair and falling of huge amounts of hair while you take shower.

These worst manifestations can be accompanied with certain changes in hair texture like your hair can become drier, coarse and can be easily scrambled.

How to handle hair loss due to thyroid problem?

It is very easy to handle this symptom of thyroid problem if you follow simple steps. Here are some of the important and simple steps related to hair loss due to thyroid problem.

  • Proper evaluation: It is very essential for you to get proper evaluation by your personal dermatologist before confirming it as thyroid problem. Hair loss can be due to any reason like genetic problem, lack of proper care and can also be due to family history and hormonal imbalance. So, be sure about the cause for hair loss and proceed with the treatment. Don’t take your own decisions without proper evaluation.
  • Patience: When your doctor starts the treatment for hair loss due to thyroid problem, initially the loss of hair gradually slows down and ultimately stops when the hormone levels in your body are stabilized to normal range. This whole process may take few months. So, it is very necessary for you to be patient.
  • Ensure it’s not your thyroid drug: If you are already in treatment procedure for thyroid problem and undergoing any thyroid hormone replacement therapy, then there are chances for hair loss as a side effect.
  • Other alternative treatments: If normal medications are not working well, then go for other alternative treatments such as using aromatic oils like evening primrose and certain ayurvedic herbs can be used for the treatment of thyroid problems. But, it is very important to take advice from your personal health care provider before going for other alternative treatment.