Bell’s palsy – Unusual Disease That Causes Problem On One Side Of Your Face!

As a human being you will have various nerves in your body. Bell’s palsy is the rare or unusual illness that will cause problem with the nerves in your face. It is known as the paralysis on one side of your face. There is no particular cause for this bells paralysis.

In 19th century, Doctor Sir Charles Bell described about the situation and he connected the problem with facial nerve. So it was named as the Bell’s palsy.

Bell’s palsy occurs due to the viral infection on the facial nerve. This can cause paralysis to one side of the face. The affected area will be frozen and droopy. This condition will cause pain on one side of the face and it will make you to feel uncomfortable about your appearance.

You can observe the following symptoms if you have Bell’s palsy

The symptoms of Bells palsy vary from person to person. The range of severity of this will vary from mild weakness to total paralysis. The most common symptoms of this Bells palsy are:

  1. You will feel stiffness at one side of your face.
  2. Half part of your face will be drooping.
  3. You will fell trouble in one of your eyes and you can feel the dryness in your eye.
  4. You will face difficulty in various activities such as eating, drinking and speaking.
  5. You will have severe headache.
  6. You can feel the pain in front or behind of one ear.
  7. You cannot feel the taste of food.
  8. Your hearing sounds will be louder in one ear.
  9. You will get more tears in one eye.
  10. You will feel the stiffness around the jaw. You cannot able to eat the food normally.

Bell’s palsy can be diagnosed by the following tests:

For the diagnosis of Bells palsy you must go to near neurologist. Your doctor can diagnose it by just looking at your face because your face will have different look. To conform this, he will suggest you to go for the various tests such as MRI, CT scan, electromyography (EMG) etc. These tests will give the pictures of the skull and by that pictures he can able to watch affected area clearly.

Treatment for Bell’s palsy

The Bells palsy cannot be treated in particular method because the facial nerve will get repaired by itself. The doctor will rarely go for surgery to Bells palsy. Despite of surgery he prefers to use medicines to reduce virus in the affected area for speed recovery.

Massage for your face will be preferable if you have Bell’s palsy because it will help in the stretching of your facial muscles. Bells palsy will be cured by itself. The symptoms of this will go suddenly and you can get better day by day.

If you have pain on the affected area then your doctor can suggest you to take the pain relievers such as ibuprofen, Motrin etc.

So, there is no proper treatment for Bells palsy. It comes suddenly and goes by itself. Certainly it will get cured by itself except in some rare cases. If you have severe attack on your face, then you need to go for surgery.