Never Ignore Otitis Media In Your Kid!

Does your child frequently suffer with ear ache? This can be because of otitis media, inflammation in the middle ear of your kid.

This inflammation usually begins with infections responsible for cold, sore throat or any other breathing or respiratory problems.

Otitis media is the most common ear inflammation in children. It is believed that almost 75% of children suffer with this otitis media every year.

It is also considered as the most common cause of hearing loss in children. Although this inflammation in ear is usually seen in infants, it can also affect adults very occasionally.

Does this inflammation results in hearing loss?

The 3 tiny bones present in your middle ear mainly carry sound vibrations from the ear drum to your inner ear. If any kind of fluid accumulates in your ear, these sound vibrations fail to reach your inner ear efficiently and as a result your ability to hear is lost gradually.

Usually this type of hearing loss is not permanent. However, if otitis media takes place frequently, it leads to damage of various parts in your ear like eardrum, hearing nerve and also to the bone of your ear. As a result of this damage to main hearing parts of your ear, you can lose your hearing ability for ever.

How can you determine that your child has otitis media?

Some times, even if there is no pain or any signs of fever, certain indications of chronic otitis media can include inattentiveness, confusion in understanding directions, and unexplained irritability.

If you suspect this kind of inflammation in your infants or new born, then you can identify them with these manifestations: Frequently pulling or scratching ears, especially if the inflammation is accompanied with vomiting, fever, and also ear drainage.

In adults, you can identify the middle ear inflammation with these symptoms: severe ear ache, hearing problems, feeling of fullness, dizziness, loss of balance, vomiting, ear drainage and also fever.

If your child has any episodes of severe otitis media in their early six months of age, then they are at increased risk of developing ear infections in their later stages of childhood.

So, otitis media is not a serious inflammation; if you identify it promptly, it can be treated properly. By seeking a good medical advice from your personal physician, make yourself and your child feel as well as hear better.