Bracelet Helps Caregivers Keep Track of Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s awareness bracelet is worn by supporters and donors which demonstrates the person’s support on the patient.

People know that the disease is heart wrenching for every one involved in persons affected by Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s awareness bracelet show support for sufferers and for family members.

It is designed with a color coded symbol specifically designed to symbolize Alzheimer’s disease in order to help people suffering from the disease in emergency situations.

Many people are less aware of the disease and even not know the people suffered from this disease. Alzheimer’s awareness bracelet helps in spreading the information and knowledge about the disease so that more people are educated to help others suffering from this disease.

With more publicity on the awareness bracelets, more funds will be allocated for Alzheimer’s treatment and research.

Alzheimer’s not only affects the lives of the sufferers but also the lives of family, friends and relatives. Everyone involved in fighting with the disease has the dedication, heart and drive needed to make this disease nothing but a memory.

Wandering is one of the most frightening symptoms of advancing dementia, and the Alzheimer’s Association estimates it will happen to nearly 60 percent of patients.

A mini-industry of technologies promises to find lost Alzheimer’s patients — from simple radio-wave beacons that cost $10 a month for batteries, to more-sophisticated GPS devices that can cost hundreds of dollars.

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Once a person decides to get the bracelet, it can be obtained by normal donation to multi national Alzheimer’s association. The donation made by the person is used for fighting against Alzheimer’s. A person can also purchase more awareness bracelets to fight against the disease. Extra bracelets can be given to family members and friends to increase the exposure.

The Alzheimer’s awareness bracelet can be worn with honor on regular basis. The bracelet can be worn around the ankle, wrist or as a key chain to show support for those who are suffering with this disease. The bracelet should be worn in such a way that people observes and asks about it. When other people ask about it, the awareness is spread to them also.

When awareness spreads, millions of sufferer’s lives will be saved. With each purchase of Alzheimer’s awareness bracelet, some advice will be given to the person who purchases the bracelet because the information can be spread to other people.