Causes of Drinking Water While Eating

This might look exaggerated that drinking water after a meal causes cancer. Most of the people are used to drinking water after having their meals and it affects one’s health and digestion as well. Again, it will be too much to call it Dangerous but it does results in pain and discomforts for sure. This is the reason why people and even many experts advise to avoid sipping water after a meal. Most of the people have the habit of downing umpteen glasses of water along with their meals. They think that having water along will make the digestive process easy. However, renowned nutritionist always brushes aside this idea.

The major issue here is three fold-

  1. Having water before a meal.
  2. Having water alongside a meal.
  3. Having water right after a meal.

Causes of Drinking Water While Eating

1. Having Water Before a Meal

It is a stated fact that whatever the food we eat takes at least two hours to digest it completely. The food we eat goes directly through oesophagus down to the stomach and then it goes to colon before it is flowed out of the system. In a gastric system, there is always some amount of fluid present. So before you take in water, it is not only distressing the fluid component by reducing whatever the food you eat but also making the healthy digestion process fast than it should be. Therefore, it is not suggested to have water before the meal.

2. Having Water Alongside a Meal

Renowned doctors always disregard the concept of having water alongside the meal. It does two things, firstly it firmly fastens the digestion and secondly, it cut the natural assimilation of nutrients after digestion. People drinking water alongside the meal may have inclination spreading out the colon.

3. Having Water Right After a Meal

Coming over to the problem of having water after a meal causes ailing effects. It is also stated that having water right after a meal solidifies the oil into the concrete form. Having water right after a meal again tampers your digestion process faster more than it is required to digest the food. The fastening of digestion process makes you feel more hungry than expected and does results in overeating and swelling of the rumen. Therefore, doctors prescribe thirty minutes of the break before having a meal and after having a meal. Between these thirty minutes, our system continues the next level of digestion.

Surveys over this issue advise the gap of thirty minutes before and after having a meal to have a proper absorption of necessary nutrients also. Intake of water instantly after a meal inclines gastric acid present in a system. Nevertheless, the stomach is a hotshot of engrossing the maximum quantity of water but the excess consumption of water after a meal can dilute the nutrients essential for digestion.

One can improve the digestion by having soups after a meal or can have water-rich foods or fruits to help with it.