Why Do You Need Morning Exercises?

Most people prefer to work out in the evenings because, to be honest, no one is a morning person except for a few. No one likes to wake up from their sweet sleep and sweat it out in the morning because they probably miss their alarm every single day. But there are huge perks of sweating it out and exercising in the morning that many of you are still unaware of. Waking up a little early than usual and training can give you a lot of health benefits. Let us look at those benefits one by one.

Why Do You Need Morning Exercises?

1. Kick to metabolism

Exercising in the morning gives a kick to your metabolism. A term called EPOC, short-form for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption is an expression very famous in the world of fitness. This term basically indicates that you are likely to burn fat even after working out i.e. even when you are at your office, sitting and working. This happens very well when you get up in the morning, exercise, give a boost to your metabolism and then eat well. Thus, whenever you consume calories, three things happen

  • Food is used as an energy source
  • It replenishes your body
  • It stores energy for consuming it later

2. You improve your daily routine

This is one of the major benefits of working out in the morning. When you have exercised in the morning, you get your evening time free for other activities like sports or any other hobby you have and you go to sleep early. You get more consumable hours in a day and you get more work done easily. Thus, working out in the morning helps you set your routine in a better manner.

3. You’ll feel energized

Another great benefit of working out in the morning is that it pumps you up for the whole day. You feel more energized and you get a lot done in a day without getting tired. You don’t feel dragging yourself to work and somehow it gives you the energy your body needs to function all day long. You also feel more cheerful and happy.

4. Low blood pressure

Heart attacks mostly occur during the daytime. That’s why people with a heart condition are advised to exercise in the morning. Since morning workout sessions are supposed to give you an energy boost, they are also going to solve your blood pressure problems and hence there are lower chances of you getting prone to cardiac problems.

5. Good skin

Since you are working out in the morning, you are sweating all the impurities of the previous day out through your skin. Your skin is going to look more cheered up and flushed after the morning exercise sessions. You might not even need make up on for a few days since you’ll glow from inside! Isn’t that a perk?

6. Better eating regime

You’ll feel famished after your morning drills and thus you are more likely to take a heavy breakfast before heading off to work. Consuming a heavy breakfast has a lot of perks which we all are aware of. You will eat less the whole day and hence you are less likely to consume fat. Perks, perks, perks!